Cinco de Mayo Bikini Contest 2016 – TBA Models

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TBA Bikini Models does it again! Follow them on Facebook! 2016 Cinco de Mayo contest from Winner’s Circle in Lakeland, Florida. Prime Cut Pro was one of the sponsors! Pick your winner and comment below! Make plans to attend next year! Click the links for more information and behind the scenes pictures.

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magicmack451 mcnamara says:


Nicolas Tesla says:

Ahora comprendo por que en Estados Unidos hay tantos inmigrantes,y es que con mujeres como ellas, cualquiera quisiera quedarse allí.

Now I understand why in the U.S.A there are so much inmigrants. Because with women like them, anybody want stay there.

MyNameIsNO says:

Anybody know the name of contestant number #6?

Mark Morgan says:

These chicks could turn a gay guy straight.

179cpv says:

#6 all the way! Both the face and body are gorgeous. 1, 4 & 9 are hot too.

Maria Fajardo says:

Kristin is the prettiest one there. she fit and very girly. Go Kristin!!!
-Maria Tom J. ex girl! :)

marcomili says:

exactly the results I expected!

arial surfer says:

Que mujeres mas bellas, son unas DIOSAS

Von Dutch says:

Going to bosnia

connerjd says:

I love bikini contests!!

MarkAndrewEdwards says:

Oooh, here we go:
#1 Sierra – a little fleshy but great ass…ets.
#2 Tara – Sleek with a great smile…and assets
#3 Janna – the sorority girl the Quarterback won't be seen with
#4 Isla – Good God, she's prefect…those legs, those abs, those proporitions
#5 Maria – Nice abs, and a better swing on those hips
#6 Lea – Superhero body! Best contender vs Isla
#7 Kristen – Great body, bad tats. Ask her about her daddy issues…
#8 Dani – Not-as-good body, worse tats. Banned from several strip clubs.
#9 Amber – The Chest…and the rest is almost as good.
#10 Melissa – Lean with a good chance of jiggle. Very choice.

Not sure I could pick between Isla and Lea. Amber was also a contender to me.

bgasman says:

the bikini girls are hot, I love it!

Grandmaster B says:

Tara (#2) does have an amazing ass, no question. That alone should have made her a finalist, at least (couldn't give her first place though just because first place can't be going to the girl with the shortest hair and smallest chest on stage). Maria (#2) should have been a finalist also. Both of those girls have great bodies, and are just sexy as hell.

shiloh beria says:

That's how it should have went Leigha and Amber are for sure the top two, I just watched another contest where Leigha didnt even make the top 5. How doe's that happen? way better judges in this one i guess. Another thing that i like a lot about Amber and Leigha is they don't tattoo there body's like some of the other girls do. And i hope they never do because putting a tattoo on either of them would be like putting a bumper sticker on a lamborghini.

stellarshapes says:

Gotta disagree with the judges there. My girl Amber Fields should have came in first. She also had the ad during her stage time too. :-(

elverdaderosol says:

Quisiera que la chica del 5:13 se sentara en mi cara!!!
Y por supuesto, ella tenía que ganar!!!

Nicolas Tesla says:

La concursante número 6 es una perfección de mujer.

winthorpetrois says:

Thanks for the vid. What happened to Ednyr Marie? She was in the preview.

nilbog44 says:

wait a second…. in the first vid there was a new hot blonde and olivia. did they both leave before the contest

Steel MEGA says:

I'm buying…take it all.

theonefourseven says:

Some stunning girls with real tits!

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